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About us

Office of the Court Bailiff at the District Court for Łódź-Vidzew
in Lodz by Kamil Pietrasik has been conducted since 2002. The office, together with the bailiff, is formed by a team of experienced and specialized employees who are fully committed to their duties. The law firm currently employs three assessors and twelve employees.

Bailiff Kamil Pietrasik is a law graduate from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Lodz. From 2002 to 2020, the bailiff He has held various positions within the professional self-government of bailiffs of the chamber of bailiffs in Lodz as its member, secretary, treasurer and vice-chairman on several occasions. As of December 2022. re-elected as Vice Chairman of the Council of the Chamber of Bailiffs in Lodz. In addition, in 2020 Kamil Pietrasik became active in the International Union of Judicial Officers ( UIHJ) and the European Foundation of Judicial Officers ( EUBF). It is also worth mentioning that since 2013 to April 2021. Kamil Pietrasik was a judge in the Chamber for the Resolution of Sports Disputes between Clubs and Players at the Polish Football Association, a as of May 2021. Is an arbitrator in the Football Arbitration Court of the Polish Football Association.

Office of the Court Bailiff at the District Court for Łódź-Vidzew
in Lodz is computerized. High levels of computerization include :

  • Immediate scanning of documents for the case,
  • Using the PUE ZUS portal (electronic request for contributors),
  • directing queries to the Central Database of Land and Mortgage Registers (advanced search advanced to determine whether the debtor disposed of the property before the initiation of enforcement),
  • Directing inquiries and retrieving responses about OGNIVO bank accounts within the scope of the debt collector’s subscription,
  • Directing electronic queries to the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers,
  • Directing inquiries to the relevant Tax Offices via EPUAP;
  • Directing inquiries and seizures to the relevant Tax Offices through the eUS platform;
  • Using access to the National Debtor Register;
  • use of access to the National Debtors Register

Less than 20 years of experience in running a law firm has allowed the bailiff to develop procedures and approaches that contribute to the speed and efficiency of enforcement actions taken.